Our Story

Founded by Matthew Tikhonovsky, Refugee Thrive is a youth-led service initiative that collects and delivers clothing items to refugees living in Clarkston, GA, and Kiev, Ukraine. In 2015, Matthew, who is the son of Ukrainian refugees, recognized that many newly-resettled refugees in his community lacked basic clothing items, including hats, scarves, and winter coats. Determined to address this need, Matthew began to partner with local high schools to hold clothing donation drives, collecting over 500 clothing items the first year, and eventually launched Refugee Thrive. Since then, Refugee Thrive has held clothing donation drives at over 25 high schools across the Atlanta-area and collected over 10,000 clothing items.

Refugee Thrive’s leadership team is composed of 7 high school students (bios coming soon) who all share a passion for supporting refugees in their community. Refugee Thrive is grateful for the relationships it has formed with students across the Atlanta-area and is committed to continuing to provide much-needed clothing items to refugee families.

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